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Supplementary Schools

Highway Hope offers three Supplementary Schools

  1. Reward – Years 3-5
  2. Supreme – Years 7-9

In addition, Highway Hope delivers private tuition sessions on a 1-2-1 basis.

Reward: Years 3-5

The school has a mission to improve understanding in core selective exam subject areas.

This is achieved through teaching and repetitive task in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Creative writing, English and Maths using relevant study materials.

We aim to collaborate with parents through Homework and the creation of an environment that will support learning.

We encourage every pupil to aim to read a book per week to enhance vocabulary skills.

Academic excellence is pursued through motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

We believe that what you consistently do, you will become!

Supreme: Years 7-9

The schoolbuilds the foundation for high achievers, focusing on core subjects such asMaths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Our objective is to inculcate academic discipline and attitude as well as reinforce learning through question practice.

Private Tuition Session (1-2-1)

Provides support in specific subject(s) to individual students on a 1-2-1 basis. A minimum of 2 hours lesson duration is required and lesson times & frequency can be flexible. Confirmation of attendance will be required every week for us to be able to provide this service.


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